9 Pair of Earrings Bundle

9 Pair of Earrings Bundle

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Inspired by animals at risk, these earrings feature the love we feel for their animals and the main reason we opened Helping Animals At Risk Shop.

This kit includes the whole she-bang, the earrings most valued by you, our community. It's ideal for committed animal lovers, for everyone who needs presents for her loved ones, or even for collectors.

For a very limited time, we offer our 9 animal pair of earrings and you pay about the price of just two of them.

Thanks a lot for your support!


  • 1x pair of turtle earrings
  • 1x pair of bee earrings
  • 1x pair of colourful starfish earrings
  • 1x pair of pink Peacock earrings
  • 1x pair of butterfly earrings
  • 1x pair of frog earrings
  • 1x pair of enamel starfish earrings
  • 1x pair of elephant earrings
  • 1x pair of crab earrings

Shipped via USPS, 3-20 labor days inside the US and 10 to 30 Worldwide