Dolphin Lovers Set

Dolphin Lovers Set

Helping Animals at Risk Regular price $125.70 Sale price $29.95

Do you love Dolphins? We do!

Today and for very limited time we offer our Dolphin Lovers Set paying just the usual retail price of one of them.

Thanks a lot for your support!


  • 1x DoubleDolphin Necklace
  • 1x Pair Of DoubleDolphin Earrings
  • 1x Dolphin Necklace
  • 1x Pair Of Dolphin Earrings
  • 1x Dolphin Bracelet
  • 1x Dolphin Ring

All the necklaces come with the chain. 

Shipped via USPS, 3-20 labor days inside the US and 10 to 30 Worldwide