Moonlight Animal 5 Necklace Pack

Moonlight Animal 5 Necklace Pack

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Inspired by  the moonlight, these 5 necklaces feature the love we feel for animals and the main reason we opened Helping Animals At Risk Shop.

This adorable Enchanted set of necklaces is perfect for adding a reflecting, silver touch to your outfit and a great way to support animals at risk. You will not only receive compliments but also help protecting our wildlife.

Today and for very limited time we offer our 5 moonlight necklaces barely for the price of one.

Thanks a lot for your support!


  • 1x Dolphin Necklace
  • 1x Penguin Necklace
  • 1x Swan Necklaces
  • 1x Gecko Necklace
  • 1x Elephant Necklace

All the necklaces come with the chain. 

Shipped via USPS, 3-20 labor days inside the US and 10 to 30 Worldwide